Manage and analyze your track data to improve your performance.

How it works?

Store base data

Create cars, tracks, tire sets and setups before going to the track. It enables the full utilization of TestLogger Manager.

Record runs

Start recording runs everytime you visit the track. Run data is the core of everything.

Analyze data

Utilize different methods to analyze the data you have recorded to improve your performance.

Get social

Share your setups or solutions to issues. Get help if you need it.


Record your data. And it's easy.

  • Store the data during race or test days to TestLogger Manager. For example laptimes, setup, conditions, car behaviour and your feelings about the run can be stored.
  • TestLogger Collector is integrated to TestLogger Manager which allows you to create runs and store data files.
  • Weather conditions are fetched automatically for outdoor tracks and laptimes can be imported from Mylaps Practice or MyRCM!
  • Base data like cars, tracks, tire sets and setups makes your daily life easier because you have ID for every tire set and the latest setup is recorded for every car.
  • Record car behaviour issues.
Run input example.

Analyze the data. Improve your performance.

  • Analyse the track performance with help of tables, charts, statistics.
  • Separate statistics to analyze one day performance or to check long term progress.
  • Compare your performance to your friends or your other sessions at the track.
  • Collect your written analyzes to notes.
  • TestLogger Manager will automatically collect all fixes to your car behaviour issues for your future use. It also proposes a fix if you face the same issue again.
Analyze the data


  • You think you found a perfect set up or a solution to an issue? Share it with your friends or publicly and discuss it.
  • Have a public discussion on the Testlogger feed.
  • Utilize private messages to discuss about secret setups with your team.
  • If you don’t want to be social you can hide yourself from others.
  • Track pages will give you most popular tires and fastest public setups.
  • Public track locator will give you up to date information about active tracks.
Share data with friends.


  • For example you go to a track you have visited a year ago. Easy to remember what worked and what didn't? Just check from TestLogger what you did last time. Check a track profile page or usesearch to find information.
  • Setups are stored to the database and every change is under version control. It means that you can go back to any setup change you have ever made.
  • You can tag your runs, sessions and notes to easily find the relevant information in the future.
Search data

Support and contact

We have several ways you can connect to us. Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback on service, ask help, give us suggestions for new features, or to just say hello!

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